CICS is proud to serve Iowans in 15 counties. Through our extensive provider network, resources and service coordinators, we support individuals and strengthen communities. Here's how clients and providers feel about CICS.

My CICS journey started small. I needed help signing up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Later, my relationship with CICS grew into something more akin to a family bond. CICS helped me sign up for ACA and find an “awesome” therapist and psychiatrist. I know in my head and my heart that CICS will help me, even if they can’t directly at their offices.

— Client

The transitional living center in Iowa Falls would not be able to help individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or mental illness work toward defined goals without the assistance of CICS. Funding from CICS was instrumental in getting the transitional living center ready to open in January 2017. The money went toward startup costs, securing rent for the home that would be turned into the transitional living center, furnishing the home and purchasing a vehicle to get clients to and from appointments and any needs within the community.

— Provider

"I first called CICS looking to control my paralyzing anxiety. Picking up the phone was a big first step in getting help. But the same reason I originally reached out to CICS was the thing holding me back from attending an appointment. After several cancellations, the team at CICS knew something wasn’t right, so they made a house call. Turns out, my anxiety left me feeling apprehensive about speaking with someone and admitting that I needed help. I know they care about me here; I know that I have somewhere to go, and I have people to remind me that I’ll be alright.” 

— Client