Whatever your life goals, CICS can help you secure and finance the services needed for your personal success. With that mission in mind, CICS works in partnership with providers and other organizations to provide a range of services that are:

  • Accessible
  • Able to emphasize integrated screening, early identification and early intervention
  • High quality and wherever possible, evidence-based
  • Organized into a seamless continuum of community-based support
  • Tailored to each individual with planning directed by the individual
  • Provided in the least restrictive, appropriate setting
  • Designed to encourage individuals to be partners in their own care
  • Designed to leverage multiple financing strategies within the region, including increased use of Medicaid-funded services and Iowa Health and Wellness Plan
  • Supported by provision of training and technical assistance to individuals and families, as well as to providers and other partners

Some of the services highlighted in this section are available at no cost and others are covered by Medicaid or other insurance, or available on a sliding fee scale. Your CICS service coordinator can answer specific questions about availability and cost of services.

CICS Brochure