For Providers

CICS maintains a network of service providers to meet the continuum of service needs of individuals.

New providers may be added to the provider network if it is determined either a particular individual will benefit from the service (as determined by the individual's inter-disciplinary team) or that the provider will provide service(s) that will enhance the service system.

Becoming a CICS Provider

New network providers will be approved through the following process:

A referral or request for a new network provider may be made by an individual (or authorized representative), consumer's case manager or social worker, or directly by a provider.  All requests to become a member shall be directed to the Regional Operations Officer at

Provider shall complete a provider network application. Provider applicant shall be screened by the region. Provider may be asked to meet for an interview or provide additional information.

Criteria for consideration includes:

  • Unmet need for the proposed services
  • Unmet access standard for proposed services
  • Provider experience in providing the services
  • Documented outcomes and satisfaction
  • Coordination with other provider agencies
  • Evidence of individualized services
  • Relationship with other regions the agency serves

New network providers shall receive appropriate orientation and training concerning CICS's MH/DS Plan.

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