Coordination Services

Many options are available to meet the needs of individuals with mental health or intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Which ones are best to help support and/or sustain an individual? What is the best way to pay or secure funding for these services? These are just some of the many questions a CICS service coordinator can help answer.

  • Regional Service Coordination

    No one knows what services and funding sources are available in your area better than your local CICS service coordinator. Helping people navigate through various options, regional service coordinators provide the valuable link between individuals and the community resources that are best suited to meeting clients’ personal goals. Service coordinators are available to assist with applications for Medicaid, food assistance, housing, childcare assistance, Social Security and more.

The CICS Service Coordinators support individuals and strengthen communities by serving the unique needs of individuals with mental health and intellectual and other developmental disabilities in 15 Iowa counties.