CARES Act Minor Projects Second Request for Proposals


Recently CICS has received Cares Act dollars to support individuals, providers and school districts in our region, and is providing funds of up to $20,000 to providers and school districts through a non-competitive request for proposal process. You are eligible to apply for and receive these funds with no match required from you. If you have submitted and received funds from the previous RFP you may submit an additional request for up to $10,000.

Some ideas that this money may be used for that have been shared with us are the purchase of equipment or items, additional staff expenses, mental health training or telehealth, marketing material for Your Life Iowa Crisis Line and CICS Mobile Crisis Response Services, connection to mental health outpatient support services for students and families, consultation services, assisting families with learning about various mental health and disability support services, PPE, etc.

Rather than dictate to you what the money could be used for, the plan is for you to identify the need that you have that these funds can address. These dollars must be for COVID-19 related services and must have a mental health or disability services component. They cannot be used for items that you budgeted for or that are covered or billable to other funders. The attached documents explain the program.

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CARES Act Minor Projects Second Request for Proposals